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Your Complete Kitten Checklist

You’re adopting a new kitten? How exciting! Adopting a new whiskered bundle of energy and mischief requires careful planning to keep them safe and healthy. Our Towne Centre Animal Hospital team can’t wait to meet your new tiny feline friend. Read our comprehensive kitten checklist. Kitten-proof your home Kittens often create chaos. To kitten-proof your [...]

10 Illness Signs and What They Could Mean For Your Pet’s Health

Annual veterinary wellness examinations are crucial to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing, because during these visits, our Towne Centre Animal Hospital team can identify medical issues early in their course and treat them more efficiently and effectively. However, a new problem could crop up anytime, necessitating a visit. While you may be tempted to [...]

Pet Summer Safety Do’s and Don’ts

During the warm summer months, you need to take extra precautions to ensure your furry pal remains safe and healthy. Our Town Centre Animal Hospital team shares pet summer safety do’s and don'ts to help you prevent your four-legged friend from experiencing potential perils. DO keep your pet hydrated Your pet’s dehydration risk increases on [...]

S-tick it to ’Em: How to Remove a Tick From Your Pet

Warm weather brings out more than swimsuits and flip flops. Tick populations surge during spring and summer, bringing with them the potential for transmitting harmful diseases to your pet.  Although year-round tick prevention should minimize your pet’s tick exposure, you may still encounter the occasional live or dead tick on your pet, because most prevention [...]

Pack Your Bags: 5 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Whether this is your first trip with your four-legged friend, or your pet is a seasoned jet-setter, traveling with a pet can be somewhat daunting. You need to sort out many more logistics, and you are much more restricted on where you can go and what you can do. However, your trip will be much [...]

Which Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

For many years, infectious diseases claimed many pet lives, often during their puppy or kitten years. Thanks to modern science, we now have vaccines that can protect our furry friends from the deadliest of these diseases. Over time, vaccine availability and protocol recommendations have changed significantly, and the Towne Centre Animal Hospital team knows pet [...]

24 Room-by-Room Pet-Proofing Tips

Pets are inquisitive and mischievous, and these behaviors can get your furry pal in trouble by causing them to become ill or injured, requiring an emergency veterinary visit. To protect your adventurous four-legged friend from hazards and accidental poisonings, you should pet-proof your home. To help you ensure your home is safe for your pet, [...]

Why Does My Pet Have Bad Breath?

Your pet’s funky breath may indicate a serious medical condition. Our Towne Centre Animal Hospital team wants to ensure you enjoy your pet’s kisses, so we explain potential causes of bad breath in pets and ways to prevent the problem. Periodontal disease can cause your pet to have bad breath The most common cause of [...]

SDMA for the Win: Early Pet Kidney Disease Detection

Most dogs or cats who live long enough will experience some degree of kidney dysfunction as a consequence of normal aging, but some will develop clinically significant disease known as chronic kidney disease (CKD) or chronic renal failure (CRF). Pets usually fare better and live longer with early disease detection, but most traditional blood and [...]

Holiday Safety Do’s and Don’ts

The holidays will soon be here, and you likely will be indulging in cheesy hallmark movies, gift exchanges, cookies, and way too much food. While you’re enjoying the season’s indulgences, don’t forget that some of the same things that bring you holiday cheer—including food, decorations, parties, and guests—can be dangerous for your pets. Towne Centre [...]

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