Veterinarian Wanted to Help Continue a Cultural Revolution, Cote

Are you looking for a role where you can work not just on medicine, but you can be an active part of creating a positive and fun culture?

Do you love learning and trying new things, and are not afraid to take a few risks to create something new?

Are you the sort of person who earns trust through consistent and authentic words and actions?

Are you a team player who can hold yourself and others accountable with kindness and respect?

Is leaving your bit of the world better than how you found it important to you?

If so, then read on, we may have just the role for you.

About Us

We are a small veterinary team based in La Jolla California who exist to protect the love that pets bring their people each day.

Cards on the table, we’re not just another vet practice grinding out endless vet work. Though 2020 was tough, we are on a mission to create a small women-led, co-owned group that bucks the trend to large corporate ownership where shareholders matter most. (All while inspiring other women to reach for the stars too.)

My back story is that I took over my first hospital (Colony Vet Hospital) in 2013. Since then we’ve grown to 15 employees and this year we expanded by purchasing another local practice. In the short term, our work is all about building these two teams then bringing them together to create the culture and working environment where everyone can thrive and do great work. This of course is easy to say, but not to do which brings me to you.

As you know working as a vet in 2020 has been hard. We’re no different and have definitely had our wobbles. It’s safe to say we’re a work in progress, not a finished item, which is why we need you if you share our values and are willing to help lead others towards our vision.

Those values are:

1. Integrity
2. Passion
3. Growth
4. Empathy
5. Teamwork
6. Fun and Positivity

If these things are important to you, we work well together, and you are looking to put down some roots in Southern California, then this is a great opportunity to do meaningful work with the possibility of future partnership if you want.

About You
You’ll be a vet with at least three years experience and possibly a whole lot more. You’ll have mastered much of the science and art of veterinary medicine and be able to work with people as well as animals. This is really important because so many people in veterinary medicine find it difficult to balance both well. That said, you don’t have to be a screaming extrovert, introverts are very welcome here, too. In fact all are welcome because we value diversity. All we ask is that you know you and have worked out how to look after you, so you’re able to bring positive energy to work.

Beyond your basic skills you’ll probably have developed a specific area of interest, we’re very open to supporting growth and development in your skills and if you have a love of exotics then we would look favorably on this as one of our locations is well known for this work locally. (We are very happy to hear about other skills too though!)

One of the challenges in bringing on a new location is to make sure that we successfully bring the two cultures together and we develop a common understanding as a team.

The team of doctors will be particularly important in helping this to occur so you’ll be doing some work to help train others as well as making sure the skill level of those around you increases because you are a good coach/mentor.

When working with others you’ll be confident enough to make sure people take you seriously, but kind and patient enough so they feel safe to grow new skills at a pace that does not leave anyone behind.

You’ll also be well organized, good at managing time and probably love a good checklist!

The Role
OK, let’s talk about the job. The work you’ll be doing includes the following (it’s not a totally exhaustive list as our roles are often varied)

1. Four 10-hour shifts each week with a Saturday morning every other weekend.
2. You’ll be consulting, performing dentals, work-ups and medical/surgical treatments on standard companion animals.
3. Exotics (if you wish) work will constitute about 15% of your caseload.
4. Helping to develop and integrate our standards of care across the teams.
5. Teaching those around you and leading by example so everyone benefits from your knowledge.
6. We work with multiple mobile specialists and have excellent referral hospitals within 5-10 minutes of the hospital
7. There is no on call or after hours.

The Package & Benefits
In return for your hard work and commitment, we can offer:

1. 100-140k basic (range based on skills).
2. Health insurance
3. Licensing and professional dues
4. Liability insurance
5. CE budget – this is potentially unlimited
6. Generous PTO and paid sick leave
7. A 401K plan will be added in 2021

What’s The Next Step?

If you are excited by what you read, think you might share our values and want to help build a special place to work in a location that is the envy of the world, then please send your resume and a cover letter to Tell us a bit about you and why you would be a good fit for this role and team. Thanks for reading.