Every great team is made up of dedicated individuals who pour their heart and soul into their work, and our team is no exception. Our practice manager, client service representatives (CSRs), veterinary technician, and veterinary assistants work tirelessly every day to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. They greet you at our front desk, run your pet’s lab work, take X-rays, help during surgery, and much more. To help you get to know the team behind your pet’s care, we are highlighting our support staff.

Lauren: Practice manager, registered veterinary technician

Lauren, our newest team member, joined the Cote Animal Hospital family only a few months ago, but she has quickly become invaluable. Originally from Orange County, California, Lauren has wanted to work with animals since childhood. She became a registered veterinary technician (RVT) in 2009, and met Dr. Vineyard at a veterinary conference last year. They were recently reunited by a mutual colleague, and the rest is history. Lauren has two four-legged family members—Koda, the cocker spaniel-pitbull mix, and Rosemary, her 12-year-old, sassy black cat. 

Fun facts about Lauren:

  • Her playlist is all over the map, but she is a sucker for a good female ballad
  • She could eat Alaskan king crab legs every day
  • She loves to sing while she whips up a good meal
  • While she loves your dogs and cats, don’t ask her to care for your pet tarantula—Lauren’s greatest fear is spiders 
  • Last year, she was unexpectedly asked to film a TV show about veterinary medicine and caring for homeless people’s pets

Lauren’s favorite part of working at Cote Animal Hospital is knowing she makes a difference in our patients’ lives, and she is continuing the practice of high quality veterinary medicine and excellent standard of care for our patients. 

Kendra: CSR

CSR Kendra is one of the first people you’ll meet at our front desk, and a smiling voice on the phone when you call. Although she was quiet and shy while growing up in San Leandro, Kendra decided in junior high that she wanted to work with animals, and has never looked back. She still isn’t the loudest person in the room, but she uses her voice to advocate for her patients every chance she gets. She is a calming presence in our often-busy hospital, and has a knack for letting adversity roll off her back without getting stressed.

Fun facts about Kendra:

  • She is quickly accumulating a zoo at home, with six cats, two dogs, and a bird
  • She will most likely order pasta at a restaurant
  • Rather than a camping trip or spa weekend, Kendra prefers a nice, relaxing weekend at home with a good book
  • She hates heights, and doesn’t like looking out the window of a high building

Kendra’s favorite part of working at our hospital is seeing all her animal patients—it’s a good way for her to love on lots of animals without taking more home. She loves the people she has met and the experiences she has had, and hopes to keep learning new things.  

Delilah: CSR

Our other CSR, Delilah, joined the Cote Animal Hospital team when a friend who knew Dr. Cote thought she would be a perfect fit for an open position. She has lived in San Diego her entire life, and has two children—a 7-year-old daughter, Catalaya, who is a hard-working perfectionist with a beautiful singing voice, and a 5-year-old son, Jay-R, who is innovative and clever, and inherited his mother’s love of animals. Before working at our hospital, Delilah had only one pet, a Chihuahua mix named Conchita, but has since opened her heart and home to a puppy, Hazel, and four kittens, Thunder, Oreo, Moonlight, and Kiara.

Fun facts about Delilah:

  • Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and painting
  • She loves the open country, and enjoys camping and hiking with her family
  • Her favorite food—wings, wings, and more wings!
  • You can find her singing along to her favorite country songs while she cooks and bakes delectable treats

Delilah’s favorite part of being a CSR is being able to fulfill a client’s request. She says, “There is something about following up with clients and building a rapport that really makes a difference—not only for the owner, but for the pet’s journey to recovery, or continuing with optimal health.“

Mariecor: Registered veterinary technician

Vet tech Mariecor, who has an associate’s degree in veterinary technology, administers anesthesia, performs dental cleanings, and draws blood, among other duties. Mariecor met Dr. Cote when she worked with her many years ago at another veterinary hospital, and was hired shortly after Dr. Cote opened Cote Animal Hospital. As for her furry and feathered family members, Mariecor has a 17-year-old Siamese cat named Ming, a 10-year-old rat terrier and former show dog named Charm, and a yellow-sided conure named Kiwi.

Fun facts about Mariecor:

  • She is one of eight children, and has four sisters and three brothers
  • The number 8 is prominent in her family—in addition to eight children, her youngest and eldest siblings were born on the eighth of the month, and their street number is eight
  • She discovered her love for animals while working on her family’s poultry and pig farm
  • Mariecor originally pursued a veterinary medicine career so she could care for her family’s farm animals
  • She loves fueling her body with healthy foods

Mariecor’s favorite part of being a vet tech is the privilege of taking care of people’s beloved pets.

Athena: Veterinary assistant

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Athena always had a passion for animals, but went through several different careers before landing in veterinary medicine. She was hired at Cote Animal Hospital after completing her internship with Pima Medical Institute. Her furbabies, a Yorkie named Lola and a papillion named Cali, are her world.

Fun facts about Athena:

  • She was in the Marines
  • She holds a psychology degree from Alliant International University in San Diego
  • Juggling is one of her unique talents
  • She prefers wide, open spaces to city life, and would rather go camping than spend a pampered weekend at a spa
  • She likes to paint in her spare time

Athena’s favorite part of working at our hospital is seeing all our patients and her devoted co-workers. 

Melanie: Veterinary assistant

Melanie is another new team member, hired recently after volunteering with our hospital to gain veterinary medicine experience. She has learned a lot during her time with us, and has gone from being afraid of cats to adopting two feline family members of her own, Roku and Kyoshi. She currently attends the University of California San Diego, where she is now pursuing a career with animals, having realized she was not happy with her previous major. After graduating from UCSD, she hopes to go to veterinary school. 

Fun facts about Melanie:

  • She loves eating pancakes and listening to K-pop
  • Crocheting is her go-to relaxing activity
  • She prefers spending time outdoors 
  • When choosing a movie, she gravitates toward fantasy and action flicks
  • Her bucket list includes a trip to Japan and adopting a few Chihuahuas

Melanie’s favorite part of being a veterinary assistant is working with the Cote Animal Hospital team, and seeing how much they care for their patients.

Now that you know a little about our team, schedule an appointment to see them in action. And, don’t forget to ask Mariecor about her seven siblings, or Delilah to sing you a country song.